Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hi, I'm a Mac

I heard alot about Mac but never had the chance to try it myself. Even when I used to go to the Apple Store, I used to stand infront of the laptops and dont know the basic thing about how to use them. If the Safari was open, GREAT! I'm all set because typing in wasn't too hard for me. But anything that goes beyond that; like minimizing the window, right-clicking, using other applications, etc. was out of my league. Well a month ago I decided my Toshiba laptop was getting old and slow, and it was time to get a new computer. That's when I decided to convert to Mac although I knew nothing about it. I went to the store, got me a new Macbook. Went home and kinds self-learned the basics. Then my good friend Anas who's studying in Sweden shared screens with me (obviously he's a Mac user too) and gave me a full tuturial. Now, I think Mac is the way to go. PC is just C-R-A-P! Believe me, once you go Mac, You'll never go back <-- i totally made that up

Desclaimer: I am not sponsored by Apple nor am I a shareholder (ask Will, he'll tell you) :P

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back to the Ol' ADDICTION

Yep, Wrath of The Lich King is out..
And ofcourse I had to try it out.... aaaaaand
guess what? I'm kinda addicted again..

It's much much much more better then The Burning Crusade
alot of fun, better quests, better abilitites and a nice new battle ground

If you're an old WoW player, try it out, or not .. I dont want you to be blaming me for your re-addiction

/wave @ Will.... dont try it out .. or else you'll be doing alot of intimidating shouts :P

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I agree with the guy in thobe

Regards to Khaled from AlWatan Newspaper

Price Difference, why?

I will have the whole month of August off inshalla as my annual summer break, which will give me a chance to go back home (can't wait) and get back to my "normal" life, even if it's gonna last for less than a month.
So I was searching online for the cheapest way to do that, i.e. a cheap ticket, and I was suprised at the fact that there's a huge price difference between flying from Boston to Dammam and flying from Boston to Bahrain. The former costs 2500$ on average, while the latter costs 1600$ (give or take a few hundred dollars, I havent been doing math in a long time)

The question is WHY? is it because there are more Saudi students in the States who are going back home? I mean let's face it, people don't go to Saudi for summer breaks to "yeshmmo hawa" so theres not really a logical explanation for why the tickets to Riyadh, Dammam or Jeddah are too high.

I called a traveling agent to search there in addition to my online searches.
I know I kind of left this till the last minute, but thats what my life is about.. leaving important stuff till the last minute then freaking myself out till I finally get it done on time barely.

note to self: work on "regenerating" that for starters
whisper to self: yyyyyeah, maybe later?

Saudi.... Foreigner?

Although I simply despise traveling, I ended up in the USA to comlpete my education. Now, I had my fears before I came. Unfortunately everything that I was afraid of is actually happening. I was pretty much an excellent student when it came to grades when I was back home, but now my exam grades are just OK, and recently I had a very big exam that I failed horribly at; 47%.

Don't get me wrong, it's not the "moving from a conservative to an extremely liberal environment" that is causing this. I dont drink or do drugs al7amdulellah, I dont go out to club or dance or anything of that sort. So what is going wrong? I have been asking myself that the day I came here. Unfortunately at this point I dont know.

What I do know is that I hate changes; so moving from Saudi Arabia to here was a huge change for me, I've been living alone ever since I came here, and I don't go out much. Take last weekend for example; I didnt set foot outside my apartment. I was never like that, back home all I did was go out with friends to have fun playing games, watching movies, playing soccer, etc. Yet here, I spend maybe 75% of my time inside my apartment, and I'm failing.

Is it being alone after all these years of being "part of a crowd"?

I dont know

Monday, June 2, 2008


Does this page look like something a "newb" aka [noob, nub, nab, newbie, etc...] would do?
Well, I am quite a n00b when it comes to blogging, since I have never been a blogger myself. But every now and then I visit different blogs - some Arabic, some English - and I could spend a good 2-3 hours jumping between different posts in different blogs just to read what people have to say..
Then I had this idea; why wouldn't I try this for myself?
I'm pretty bad when it comes to comprehension in both langauges, but meh, I'll give it a try, o ya t9eeb ya t5eeb

the name Regeneration came from what I'm learning to do, and most probably will be doing for a living for the rest of my life professionally inshallah.

But here, I'm not trying to regenerate something as part of my profession. Instead, I will try to repair and regenerate on a non-physical level.

Creepy huh?
Yeah I freak myself out sometimes too.
Let's see how this goes, maybe I won't be able to regenerate anything after all.

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله
لطالما كنت اتنقل بين المنتديات و المدونات، و ربما كانت لي وقفات مطولة عند بعضها كزائر "صامت" ان صح التعبير
حتى قررت اليوم أن أطرق باب التدوين بنفسي
فاذا فتح لي الباب، أكملت طريقي الى المجلس
و اذا لم يفتح، عدت ادراجي من حيث اتيت

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم